College-Ready Writing Workshop

Study after study shows that WRITING is the #1 academic skill linked to success in college.

Join us for BetterRhetor's FREE professional development opportunity for high school teachers & district admins! Our 1hr virtual workshop—delivered via Zoom or Facebook—gives you research-validated tools for preparing your students for college-level writing.

This workshop covers the following topics:

• What is college-ready writing?
• Understanding the college-ready writing gap.
• How high school writing instruction differs from college writing instruction, and why.
• What you should know about composition theory, and why it matters.
• The writing experience college-bound students need most.
• Aligning pre-college and college-level writing instruction.
• Overcoming classroom obstacles to teaching authentic composition.
• Best instructional practices.

Want more CONFIDENCE teaching high school writing?

Boost your knowledge and skills. Make sure your students are prepared for college writing success.

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    William Bryant, PhD

    President & Co-Founder, BetterRhetor


    William Bryant, PhD, has been a writer, editor, and educator for over 30 years. He is the former Director of Writing Assessments at ACT, Inc. In 2015, Dr. Bryant co-founded BetterRhetor Resources LLC, a company dedicated to helping more students succeed at college-level academics. He is also a Getting Smart columnist and author/developer of College-Ready Writing Essentials.

    Participants gain:

    • A deeper understanding of the differences between high school & college writing instruction;
    • Research-validated strategies and tools for teaching extended, research-supported composition;
    • Confidence that they can equip students with the competencies & experience most needed for college writing success.